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Wednesday, 9 June 2010

London part 4!!  

Puri time!London 113
so here is the puri place it was mega hot in here and everywhere.
now onto the puri.,31419_450802360032_752545032_6142244_4541243_n
31419_450802375032_752545032_6142245_4923863_n 31419_450802380032_752545032_6142246_3610004_n 31419_450802390032_752545032_6142247_5300612_n Love you Kei in this pic! ^31419_450802395032_752545032_6142248_4806369_n 31419_450802405032_752545032_6142249_3356955_n 31419_450802410032_752545032_6142250_2896158_n 31419_450802415032_752545032_6142251_5057791_n 30263_10150182710830427_649755426_12782201_3274490_n
Me and Claire headed back to the hotel with Emmie helping us thank you Emmie!! I want to say thank to all of the Hib Gals that came to meet up with us we had so much fun  and we were so happy to meet you!! You made us feel really welcome and were really nice!!.

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