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Wednesday, 28 July 2010


taken from Lisha’s facebook
Recently I’ve been really getting into manba and banba the hair is just fabulous!  I believe it’s because when I wear my hair extensions I feel great and confident! I’m going to try and make a wig with some kanekolan with some great tutorials here I’m so lucking forward to that. But unfortunately my lovelies my twins camera broke and my phone camera is playing up so I can’t take or upload photos! so a hiatus is in order while I sit down and have a cuppa tea to calm me down after that pandemic and get a new camera! I’ll still be doing my usual lurking though!
Ta ta for now!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

manba rokku hairstyle  

Hey gurlies, In my last post I said that I tried a manba rokku hair style. so onto the pictures!


with and without flash. I did the one sided hair look and put in some dreadlocks a brown a pink and a blue. This took around an hour to do with my twins help (god bless you!) and my older sister’s help with installing the dreadlocks. Make was thick eyeliner with fake lashes and some pink lipgloss


I decided to test run this hair at a Wii party we were doing that night. My friends had mixed reactions on it 1 girly liked it the lads and another girly didn’t but I understand with gyaru its not the norm around where I live. But I still felt great and good about myself! We did dancing games like wii just dance, even the boys joined in!!! (with much force needed though :( ) My hair got demolished a bit but that added to the fun!! But the night didn’t go to plan as much but It still gave me a chance to test the style out.
now to get scientific lol! the hair went flat in 4 hours with dancing as well which I think is mega sturdy for such a hairstyle! it took a lot of effort to do but was worth it. So all in all I’ll give this hairstyle on me 80% love it factor! It’s a bit too extreme for me but was fun for one night!! 

What is your favourite party hairstyle?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

mega haul  

hey gals I was meant to do this post before but I shopped again and wanted to do it in one post.


I got a tye dye maxi dress tye dye seems to be creeping into gyaru a lot I’ve noticed. I got a clip in fringe to experiment with styles and i got some hair bumpits which I think would help a lot with a hime gyaru hairstyle!


I got a Pauls boutique dress and a straw circle bag there was other colours too of the bag but they sold out. the P boutique dress reminds me of JSG a bit.

Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 1Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 2Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 6

I got these glitter eyeliners from the MUA range where everything is a pound I would recommend these as they have a great applicator and you can get a lot of glitter on at once but the pink barely had any glitter in and was more gel like.Picture0144

I also got some Kanekolan in brown and two packs of auburn. It’s the stuff you make synthetic dreadlocks out off. I’m going to experiment with these and go for a rokku/banba look as the dreadlocks are more natural looking and not crazy colours I thought about hair some dreadlocks in when I try the one sided hair style like sakurina on the rightSakurina in gothic kimono…. (*____________________________*)omg Ageha 2010.02 is a really interesting issue! :DDD

I’ll update with the results if trying that hair style later I think it went alright but you will see later