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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shopping with Twin.  

So yesterday I went shopping with twinny fun fun I had £50 to spend and I bought 15 things!!

Random camera shizz 036

bow sky Ryder and floral sky Ryder (sp) £3.00 and £2.50 from Primark

I <3 sky Ryders

Random camera shizz 031

rara skirt £7.00 it isn't as see-through as in the photo seriously from Primark

Random camera shizz 038

Lace leggings £5.00 from Primark

Random camera shizz 034

Black linen shorts £3.00 (I live for shorts)

Random camera shizz 032 large floral bag £6.00 (I love it I could fit Sophie in it!! sorry inside joke) from Primark

Random camera shizz 030

“Over knee socks” (lies for me anyway under knee) £1.50 From Primark

Random camera shizz 037

Random camera shizz 040 £3.00 hair braid (finally found a black one) I’m wearing it underneath my fringe because I’m wearing hair extensions.

Random camera shizz 029  Hair dye £5.00 gosh eye pallet £1 (bargain!) gosh lipstick in cute pink £1 ,a miss sporty pink lipstick (I’ve lost it already)

Random camera shizz 033

I couldn’t  get a clear pic but there is the colour

I think I’m nearly ready for spring just need another shopping day and then I’ll be ready. Oh and kudos to the people who find Twin in one of the pics.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Handmade Tote Bag  

Look I know I had a post before about the look I did today but when looking at the photos I looked really bad. Right now I’m not the best and my life is being turned upside down side to side and all around. so much so I’m being kept of school about this. But nothing is going right for me the person I went to see then went on a holiday so nothing is worked out for me.
On to a brighter issue, I finally plucked up the courage to make a tote bag, but personalised for me!DSCF0524

this is my tote bag inspired by the fifties and the new spring trends which I twisted into this. A long strap on the bag so it rests on my hip quite nicely, deep and wide enough to fit books, small shopping bags and general thing you have in your hand bag. The bag isn't lined as I wanted to grasp an unlined one first. The back is at the level where my lanky arms can delve in for whatever item I wanted quite easily (as I normally have to slip the bag of my shoulders then look in it) but if anyone tries to pickpocket it will look like they going for my bum!! I chose these two fabrics as they stand out next to each other but the black completes the look with the edge and doesn't clash with the red fabric with the black polka-dots. It also shows my personal style which is current fashion trends beaten up and moulded into my style and fits in the 50’s style.

now for the more crafty side
the red polka dot fabric is poly-satin at £2 a meter
the black is poly-cotton at £2 a meter
the fabrics weren’t new bought they were from mine and Claire's stash which were a going to bust. I used the satin to give it a different texture and look to the bag making it more unique. Due to the fabric it is for light weight use but still will carry a needed supplies (school: few books and my soup flask).
To a person of average height it will lay below the hip or mid hip as I’m 6ft tall.
no zips on this bag but a magnetic closure could be used if I learn how to.

question: would you buy this tote bag in this shape and style (not the fabric I know it’s not everyone's taste)?

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Armour Ring  


TopShop Armour Ring


So now that my main style (grunge) is not as in fashion anymore I have to look harder to find in fashion thing that still have my style. When I saw this I was stunned it’s so pretty (the image doesn't do it justice) It’s been aged to make it fit the look even more.

I’ve also seen Gals wear large rings similar length to these when they wear heavy 3d art nails and It looks fabulous.

The only cons of it is that it brings attention to your hand so you would have to pay more attention with your nails and maybe wear other rings with it. Oh also it’s sold out online :( .

Sorry for the short post I just wanted to share it I love it so I thought others might too!

Thursday, 11 March 2010

keeping fit  

me and my twin are blessed with height and fast metabolisms, with me being 6ft (what’s weird is I don’t feel that tall I know I have to look down on some of my friends but I never thought I was 6ft until I had an operation and they told me) and the ability to eat takeaways and still not be heavily affected by it. But they doesn’t mean I have a tummy on me (even if I diet it is still there). But me and Twinny also suffer from being unfit walking 2 miles kills us our legs really ache! So we decided we wanted to get fit and not just diet the weight away. Just by chance I bought this Just Dance game as I love DDR but I fail at it so this looked so new to me and perfect.

just dance mini review 4/5: A great selection of songs the perfect party game but also gives you bit of a work out while having fun. you follow the dancer image on the screen like its a mirror to you and hit the moves at the right time to score points.  Me and Claire twin) Love the game as it involves dancing cool songs ( Blondie heart of glass, Cyndi Lauper girls just wanna have fun and Mc Hammer cant touch this) and it has a para para essence to it. I’m no expert on para para but I get the feeling it might have the some same concepts in it.
recommend to : I would recommend this to anyone but more specifically DDR lovers even if they’re not good at it, party game lovers and dance enthusiasts.
What do you do to keep fit?
P.S being tall is a blessing and a curse, you have the fashion advantage of height but restricted clothing choices and shoes choices because clothes aren't long enough and every fashion shoe ahs a heel on it! which I find odd because fashion revolves around tall models?
Edit:: just done a 30 minute work out it was part of a dvd from the ministry of sound exhausted (terrible I know)

Monday, 8 March 2010

false nails  


I love false nails and nail art. But I love the Japanese 3D nail art. I find false nails finish the look and add that special touch to the whole outfit sealing the deal. The nails set on top cost $29 which is very cheap for the amazing art on the nails! have a whole range of nails such as simple and elegant, 3D hime and dark mystery and a whole range of others!


These are some 3D hime nails. I think there so pretty and you will defiantly will feel like a princess in these perfect for Hime gyaru.


these are  so cute I wanted to show you these as on the top right they have a dangling donut charm on them, I’ve seen many gals with false nails with dangling charms on them.

I’ve wore false nails before but never ones with 3D art on.  People who have wore them say that the charms and gems might fall off and they might not be best to wear while in school or at work but they are durable. I might have a go at some like the first set on the post and might make a spring coloured set. If anyone else has had a go at these or has experience in these do comment about it I’d love to know.

oh and happy international women day!!

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Friday Night outfit  

DSCF0212 Lewis and John came over again, we watched part of a movie first and had a huge takeaway long live fast metabolism! So as usual we walked to aldi came back and carried on messing around.

DSCF0216 DSCF0214

me and twin did a mini photoshoot before the came. How can two people be so different but an exact copy of each other (yes were identical twins/ mirror twins) you can see some similarities but it’s amazing what clothes some hair dye and some make up can do!

Saturday, 6 March 2010

birthday haulage  


Not a big fashion shoot sorry guys but I wanted to show you what I got!

1. 2 packs of hair extensions got given one paid for the other

2. ugg boots

3. Ed Hardy Bag

4. two pairs of glasses

5. chocolates

6. false eyelashes and a art deco compact mirror

7. new look jumper

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Carefree Day  

4 march blog copy

Today was a day a needed so much where I could just be calm not have any worries at all. so juxtaposed to my other days. Me and Twinny had a make-up/hair session for 2 hours in the morning (so not intended) then Father-bear said we could go walk the dog on Saltburn beach and have some fish and chips. So we went and walked the dog in the winter sun but it warmed up a bit later or we just got used to the cold. but anyway I wore my extensions so I wanted to show you with them in. I am so happy with my hair extensions I mean they give you a mega boost of confidence and for once it makes me feel a bit pretty and also it lets me live out my grunge/punk/edgy style too as it gives me the chance to use blue hair streaks an other colours too.

so a bit later on in the day my buddy Lewis came and called for us actually just as I finished writing the above paragraph and we walked a mile to Aldi to get me tea I had some mussels in white sauce! It wasn’t a chore really as Lewis is my Brother I never had and we just mess about while walking to Aldi. By this time I was changed into the top I bought today and some blue streak hair extensions and my scarf so I guess this will be my outfit of the day!

DSCF0184 All nice and wrapped up!

sky rider top: new look £10

scarf: internacionle (french word shop) £5

leather jacket: free from Lewis (its so lovely and big)

boyfriend cardi: New Look

jeans: Pratts motorcycle jeans £20 marked down for £100 pounds seriously and there is nothing wrong with them

biker boots: Asda

Monday, 1 March 2010

2010 Hairstyles  


2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles 1

It seems at the fashion shows that punk hair is coming in.Even if I do think it’s a bit toned down . Now I love this hairstyle and the coloured streaks looks so good. I hope that this makes it to street fashion because I love it so much but then again I don’t as punk might become to commercialised.

2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles 2 

Nice to see short hair too! Which Rihanna looks amazing in.

2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles 3

Wow I love the whole bed-heady-I-don’t-care-hair and the hair dyed parts remind me of unicorns with the rest of her hair I love her studded punk jacket and her glasses (which I now own a similar pair). I am surprised at how such light girlish colours look so punky and right with her clothes.

2010 Celebrity Punk Hairstyles 4

Had to feature her with the punk faze/style I’m into. I think this hairstyle would look good also in red/copper/black/bleach blonde.

above photos from


I’ve also seen some lovely Rapunzal-esque plaits in too.


such soft hairstyles too love the diversity of all these hairstyles.


p.s birthday haulage will be done on the weekend so I can do a outfit shoot to with my twinny