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Sunday, 22 August 2010

Blog merging  

Hello gals! This post is really exciting me and my twin have decided to Merge our blogs!!

So this blog will be closed and I will join my twin over at her blog where I will be doing blog posts there and doing blog posts together!!

Click here for mine and my twins blog

I’ll leave this blog open so links don’t get broken <3

Monday, 9 August 2010

Hiatus Is over!  

The camera came back from the dread and is still limping about taking photos!! I’ve been up to a lot while the hiatus was on I did a digital Media course which I loved with my twin and met some new people too! I’ve also done a lot of crafting so look forward to a post on that soon!

I’ve also been doing some sale shopping too!


after seeing a lot of cool gyaru’s tottering around in dungarees shorts and playsuits I just had to get one! I also got a ethnic bangle set and a brass coloured necklace with lockets and keys on very Alice in wonderland!

I also bought an owl necklace keeping with the ethnic theme I love the eyes on it they jump out to me! I bought a baggy cotton top (which looks soo bad on the hanger I didn’t notice until nowww!) which you would wear with leggings and a waist belt for a boho look. I also bought these false nails from a Japanese stall In the metro centre (a Newcastle mall) with leopard print hearts on and little gold beads surrounding it but unfortunately I’m allergic to the glue so I’m going to do a giveaway sometime with them in I only opened them to look inside at the glue to check if I was allergic so there not used or anything.


I then bought some foundation (collection 2000 lasting perfection foundation) which works fantastic! and a Gosh velvet touch lipstick in 134 Darling, which is fantastic to perfect for the neutral look!

Things to look out for in this blog:
Giveaway (including the nails and other prizes)
Craft Post!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010


taken from Lisha’s facebook
Recently I’ve been really getting into manba and banba the hair is just fabulous!  I believe it’s because when I wear my hair extensions I feel great and confident! I’m going to try and make a wig with some kanekolan with some great tutorials here I’m so lucking forward to that. But unfortunately my lovelies my twins camera broke and my phone camera is playing up so I can’t take or upload photos! so a hiatus is in order while I sit down and have a cuppa tea to calm me down after that pandemic and get a new camera! I’ll still be doing my usual lurking though!
Ta ta for now!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

manba rokku hairstyle  

Hey gurlies, In my last post I said that I tried a manba rokku hair style. so onto the pictures!


with and without flash. I did the one sided hair look and put in some dreadlocks a brown a pink and a blue. This took around an hour to do with my twins help (god bless you!) and my older sister’s help with installing the dreadlocks. Make was thick eyeliner with fake lashes and some pink lipgloss


I decided to test run this hair at a Wii party we were doing that night. My friends had mixed reactions on it 1 girly liked it the lads and another girly didn’t but I understand with gyaru its not the norm around where I live. But I still felt great and good about myself! We did dancing games like wii just dance, even the boys joined in!!! (with much force needed though :( ) My hair got demolished a bit but that added to the fun!! But the night didn’t go to plan as much but It still gave me a chance to test the style out.
now to get scientific lol! the hair went flat in 4 hours with dancing as well which I think is mega sturdy for such a hairstyle! it took a lot of effort to do but was worth it. So all in all I’ll give this hairstyle on me 80% love it factor! It’s a bit too extreme for me but was fun for one night!! 

What is your favourite party hairstyle?

Thursday, 1 July 2010

mega haul  

hey gals I was meant to do this post before but I shopped again and wanted to do it in one post.


I got a tye dye maxi dress tye dye seems to be creeping into gyaru a lot I’ve noticed. I got a clip in fringe to experiment with styles and i got some hair bumpits which I think would help a lot with a hime gyaru hairstyle!


I got a Pauls boutique dress and a straw circle bag there was other colours too of the bag but they sold out. the P boutique dress reminds me of JSG a bit.

Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 1Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 2Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 6

I got these glitter eyeliners from the MUA range where everything is a pound I would recommend these as they have a great applicator and you can get a lot of glitter on at once but the pink barely had any glitter in and was more gel like.Picture0144

I also got some Kanekolan in brown and two packs of auburn. It’s the stuff you make synthetic dreadlocks out off. I’m going to experiment with these and go for a rokku/banba look as the dreadlocks are more natural looking and not crazy colours I thought about hair some dreadlocks in when I try the one sided hair style like sakurina on the rightSakurina in gothic kimono&#8230;. (*____________________________*)omg Ageha 2010.02 is a really interesting issue! :DDD

I’ll update with the results if trying that hair style later I think it went alright but you will see later 


Monday, 28 June 2010

blog award  

Thanks for the award mystique-glamour 
1. As soon as you took this award, make a blog-post about this,
answer this question : "What do you like the most about your own blog?"
2. And pass this award to another ten lovely ladies (pick different people)
What do you like most about your own blog?
well I can be myself. as my school life has been horrendous bullying I don’t know many friends who like fashion as much as I do. But online I can talk to like minded people and enjoy it and get better at it! so I like my blog because of the community it has let me be involved in!

I’m not going to pass on this award because there is sooooo many to choose from and I don’t want it to be like chainmail.
Thanks for the award!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hair and twin gyaru  

hey gals! In the last couple of weeks when My twin was dying her hair blonde. I had a go at a gyaru hairstyle very popular with gyaru mag Ageha and followed a tutorial that a blogger did here.

Sakurina in gothic kimono&#8230;. (*____________________________*)omg Ageha 2010.02 is a really interesting issue! :DDD

click the pic for where it came from
I had ago at a hair style very similar to the one on the right of the picture.
Anyway onto the results

It got flat by the time I took the first photo but hey practise makes perfect right? So I was talking to my twin about trying to do twin gyaru which where both up for and I tried the hairstyle on her to see if it would look good on her. And this was the outcome:DSCF1583DSCF1584DSCF1606  

I did a French plait or a scalp plait starting for the fake cornrows then twisted the rest and pinned with grips. I flicked some of the strands out at the end to make it look more individual and backcombed and sprayed some of the hair already on the side it was going to be piled onto to make it more thick. I think It’s better then the one I did on myself! Thanks Claire for being my model!!

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mini Haul  

Hi guys just wanted to share a few things I’ve bought from the beginnning of the month I’ve been shopping this weekend I’ll show that later.DSCF1351 I got these canvas lace up boots from new look for £35.00 Inspired by152 these gilfy boots on the left. I also bought..DSCF1347 a N.Y.C white pencil eyeliner for the old style gyaru make-up look that is coming back. It didn’t show up to well on me but I don't know if that's because I’m too pale.

What's your favourite recent buy?

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Outfit Post  

Hi gals! I’m back to show you an outfit I wore for going to the local village I’m at (The place where I live is near the coast and near the Yorkshire moors so I get the best of both!). The weather was great! really hot and sunny! Anyway onto the outfit.DSCF1352 You can’t see the bubbles very well :(
DSCF1353 The tops a pale pink colourDSCF1372 sorry for weird facial expression but the sun was blinding!
outfit rundown

top: new look
headband: new look
shorts: unknown
socks: primark
bangle: primark

I want to buy some gyaru swimwear any ideas?

Monday, 14 June 2010

eye make-up post  

Hey guys I just wanted to share some pictures of eye make-up I do! When I do my make-up I normally concentrate on the eyes the most and I find it interesting and hope it inspires you.DSCF1252
First of glitter eyeliner/black eyeliner combo. I like this look as there is many different colour glitters you can do and it makes your eye pop! I also used some white eyeliner on the waterline to make my eyes pop I used max factor glide and define eyeliner for the black. This is for a more glam look and would be used for going out for an event!dcf1 white eyeliner in corner with black eyeliner combo old style gyaru I know but I saw Romihi wear it on a recent egg cover. You have to blend it well I find or else it doesn’t look as good.  I use a black shimmer stick to add to the black and add glitter for a smokey look. The white really makes your eyes look fresh and young!
pink/purple combo, this goes great with spring outfits or pink outfits. no eyelashes yet though I’m still trying though. (scan taken from twins blog)
What’s your favourite eye make-up?
(just stating that this post is my opinion and not definite rules I just wanted to say what I like and why)

Sunday, 13 June 2010


Once again there’s another giveaway over at thiswasforever giving away:
fiberwig mascara!!
eyelure lacey eyelashes
white glitter eyeliner
all of which are amazing I’m sure everyone's seen reviews on fiberwig mascara if not search it up the results are amazing! The eyelashes are so pretty and interesting!
Head over here to enter goodluck

Saturday, 12 June 2010

N-N-N-Nails + mini tutorial  

Picture0117 These are my nails until I can think of a new idea for my nails. there a French manicure pink colour and a pearly pink/lilac colour nail polish with zebra stripes and glitter nail varnish and little hot pink gem on each nail (they fell of when I redid the photo as it was blurry). Inspired by the pastel colour gyaru short nails and the 3d Japanese nail designs.

Mini Tutorial

What you need: french manicure pink colour (I would recommend one but the one I used was rubbish) a lilac nail polish (mine was beauty U.K number 23 I believe and It was Perfect!! and only £1.95) a sharpie or permanent marker fine tip, glitter nail polish (Barry m glitter nail paint hologram Hexographs which is thickish and gel like)
1. Make sure nails are clean and paint nails in your two colours (lilac/pink) Paint more coats if needed.
2. Once dry and get your sharpie or permanent marker and make thin lines and thick lines in a bit of a curve don’t worry if you think your doing it wrong it looks weird at the start. Use the pic below for reference if you wish. Just be creative with the lines and vary your lengths and thickness.
3. wait for the nails to dry a bit and apply the glitter nail polish as thick or as thin as you wish. A tip my glitter nail varnish was gel like and if it got caught when drying it took of all nail paint on the nail so be patient and wait carefully for it to dry.
4. if you wish you could add small gems to your nails I chose hot pink which didn’t looks as good on the French pink. So choose carefully.tumblr_l1e6ayIOvi1qb96vjo1_250 My dream nails which I’m sure you’ve seen before. They look amazing and edgy but I’m not sure how I’d able be write and type with them.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Hair help  

Hiya I’m taking a break from revision and wanted some help for some idea’s. with hair! I have a confession to make I have an obsession with hair not like making hair into art (anyone see the hair shaped into a deer) but hairstyles I think it’s because when I wear my hair extensions they make me confident!

I’m wanting to have a go at two colour hair styles see top right bottom left?738484jelly0610_maya_prisila01 I love that style it’s so edgy and gyaru rock-kei. I’m going to do this with hair extension instead as my natural hair is short and dyed black (not emo or scene) so bleaching is a no no. But what I need your help with is this what colour should I put the Black with? I was think auburn but I’m not sure.  the style I usually have it in is long and straight or curly like.
If you could please suggest some ideas in the comment box that would be great If there is different ideas I’ll buy synthetic ones to experiment with. 

also I was wondering how people do there hair like this:
one side hair look 6
How do you put your hair to one side? is it doable with hair extensions? or do you need naturally long hair/
p.s Like the new blog layout? I'm trying to thing of a new name any suggestions?