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Sunday, 28 February 2010

A Small Dose Of Inspiration  

I don’t know about you, but I love many styles and I don’t have a fashion style yet I just wear tons of different styles clothing which limits the amount of outfits I can make out of my wardrobe. But there is always one style My clothes can pull of. Alternative clothing/ Unique. To me that means punky clothes with a but of quirkiness thrown in there.

I love Love love 80’s punk style and all the edgy styles of the time but just softened and toned down a bit as I’m not that confident and I don't like the more extreme side of punk.  So I make my outfits look modern but with things like my hair jewellery and outfit that you can point out as being punky/rocker/edgy giving the outfit a other all punky/rocker/edgy feel. Makes sense? I know I’m bad at explaining.

So now that my birthday have been and gone I have some more resources to get the look I want. I’ll show what I got for my birthday and what I bought when I went shopping later. So when twinny showed me this awesome hair…

Feb_24_109[1]… I nearly died, for my birthday I had some black hair extensions and twin suggested that I should get some synthetic blonde ones to create a similar look. More black then blonde and not in that style just long with side fringe and back combed random plaits etc. And also isn't her jacket awesome? I have one similar but with sleeves.

Spurred on by this awesome find (sorry no linky) I looked for my inspiration for my look and found these


This is the look I mainly do now but I want need those shoes and more tops to go with my leather jacket. (sorry no linky)

My dream splattered onto a page, I already have some hair flowers and belts like that but I wont mind some boots like that just no heel instead.

sorry for the long drabble at the start I just find it hard to structure things. have some posts coming up soon about my birthday gifts and my shopping with twin.


Thursday, 11 February 2010

After Operation  

Hi I’m kinda miserable right now in a lot of pain so no happy. No pictures as my face is incredibly swallon and my mouth is swollen shut with makes it hard to eat drink or talk or take the painkillers. Its been a day after my Operation so I don’t expect to better soon so I wont be blogging as much Sorry. :(

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

My 2009 Dec 2010 Jan haul pt 2  

Part 2 of my shopping haul!!


Primark £6-8, I love this top it has a corset lace up thing only at the bottom back though.


I’m unsure where it’s from no label suggests where it comes from But I love wearing it with leggings!



My Rimmel make-up and a Johnson's lip balm Which I got in a set. So far this make-up has been fantastic and covers my red cheeks well.

That's all for now

Peace Love and Energy Drinks