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Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Year’s Resolutions.  


I found this task quite hard to do. New years Resolutions can be very important to some people as they want to start a new life or begin something or end something. Me however, I am unsure what it should be. I am of an ideal weight and height for what I deem respectable (6ft (no kidding My dad is a rugby player so he is naturally tall and has a big frame) and I weigh 9. 10 stone. uk size 12 clothing too) so changing my weight isn't a big thing to me. But I still want to have a models figure which to me will be a size 10 as size 8 torso are way to short!

My education means a lot to me as I wish to become a teacher of R.E or Textiles, but there isn’t much to do there as all I can do is my best.

My style is a bit mix matchy right now, I have over this year collected street style clothing, fashion trends clothing and alternative clothing too. So I would like to steer to one trend more but I don’t want to get rid of the clothes I have so right now I’m wearing different trends together which lean more to the alternative side, by adding accessories or mainly wearing the trend more in clothing.

This blog post really let me lay my thoughts out and decide meaningful resolutions:

- Don’t get swayed by ‘buzz’ trends just be myself

- Improve in textiles and make myself a few clothes or accessories.

what are yours?

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


I have finally got around to doing this post! I’m becoming so lazy these days, I get reminders of it to from my loving twin sister. Welcome to my blog! What to expect on this blog is:

Fashion! No duh.. Mainly street fashion as that is a growing interest to me. I will post about outfits worn at outing with my friends and also do some friend-shoots as my ‘duds’ have an awesome fashion sense too! I will also post about new fashion items I’m loving and want.

Outfits and Polyvore. Polyvore is a website where you can put your dream outfits together, using pictures to do a collage. I have done one outfit collage thing all ready and will post about that later! I also will post fashion items and say what I think will go with it and shops to go to as well.

Sewing and other crafts, I’m an beginner in sewing clothes but I have mastered I few things already. I also do some cute fun craft projects as well, it might not be fashion all the time but I’d still want to share them for you to join in as well.

Styles. I will post about many different styles of fashion and also some mixtures of fashion as well. The styles will vary as I go along exploring fashion.

My life too. This blog is a bit of a diary to me, so It will feature a few tales of my life and maybe a few rants. If you want to know a bit about me now look at the about me widget on the side!

Also a few other things, such as a giveaway but don’t expect tons of them, I’m too greedy! That’s it for now I have a few posts lined up which I will do later! Happy new year!!