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Thursday, 29 April 2010

Day out and sleepover  



First of I’m sorry for my lack of posting I've been really busy and lazy! But anyway, 2 weeks ago I went out with my friends for a walk then the next day had a sleepover at my house with a friend but ended up with 4 friends instead!!

oo 017

This is what I wore for the walk with my friends. Trying out the boyfriend look. I wore some leggings with this outfit.

oo 006

me and twinoo 156 sleepover snacks yum!!

we had some cupcakes too but they were devoured in seconds! at the sleepover we watched some studio Ghibli films which were fantastic and gory! I’m recently getting a lot more into the gyaru fashion and my favourite brand so far is Gilfy I love there more rocker style!

Ta Ta For Now

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

This Was Forever Giveaway  


Hey guys, ThisWasForever is doing a giveaway and look what you can win! If you want to have a chance to enter and win just click the picture and follow the rules.
Good Luck!
finishes 29th April

Sunday, 11 April 2010

spring fun!  


Hasn’t spring just came out of no where it was like rain rain rain 20 C sun! So me and Claire (twin) Invited our friend Lewis around. We decided to go to Kirkletham Forest so Claire could take photos for her portfolio. Then we hung out in the forest before zombie-ing back to our place in hunger. Here are some photos.DSCF0645


I love this photo and I love Lewis’s hair too.
DSCF0677 DSCF0688 Such cool places in the forest It has two huge fields one for where people can go field whaling (we saw some people with fishing rods fishing on the field), there is a forest that’s good for shade and then behind the big old school is this place where there is ruins of building perfect for photo shoots yes?

I had two videos to but I need a youtube account and I don’t wanna put it on youtube, sigh.


Friday, 9 April 2010

Hair extensions

Clciky for bigger pick

Hey guys sorry for not blogging as much due to my health problems I suffer from low motivation and the days haven’t been bright lately.

Anyway I had the sudden urge from looking at wonderful Gal pictures I thought I might have a go at curling my hair extensions. So with my hair straightners and My twins Babyliss curl press I set to work. I was very unsure on what to do and how many curls and how to get big curls and if I should back comb or not so I experimented. Halfway through I hated the idea of it and stopped scared of looking like a fool ruining my hair extensions, so I was left we the majority uncurled.

Fast-forward to 11.30pm (boo sleeping pattern) I decided why not I have a go now just clip what I have in on the sides and don't care about the back.


And this is the result. Beach Curls (remember less then half a set in not properly put in I put on I was meant to put on the back on the side to just get an idea how they looked) and you know what? I loved it and felt stupid for earlier.  Now I hope some of my followers have done curls before so I can get more help.

Do you think I should curl the ones I have done more or is it just because I have barely any in that its a bit flat?


I love these sunnies and here is my fringe in a more scruffy look.

So now I’ve learnt my lesson to experiment and believe in my self more what have your learnt recently?

Friday, 2 April 2010

Easter hols yay  

Finally Easter holidays have arrived! I have a lot planned for this holiday. First of I have Fairbridge trip, where I get to go to the lake district on a 3 day trip which is packed full of action and walking D: !!

but anyway I recently bought a boyfriend blazer and these shoes that styled in a men's dress shoe. Dad liked them thought they looked very smart all smiles here then.


I also had a hair cut no bid difference really just a proper fringe.


I love it I can wear like this or have it a more scruffy cute look.

Daddy, I swear Twinny didn’t buy 28 pieces of make up. I think he’s going to cry when he finds out…