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Sunday, 11 April 2010

spring fun!  


Hasn’t spring just came out of no where it was like rain rain rain 20 C sun! So me and Claire (twin) Invited our friend Lewis around. We decided to go to Kirkletham Forest so Claire could take photos for her portfolio. Then we hung out in the forest before zombie-ing back to our place in hunger. Here are some photos.DSCF0645


I love this photo and I love Lewis’s hair too.
DSCF0677 DSCF0688 Such cool places in the forest It has two huge fields one for where people can go field whaling (we saw some people with fishing rods fishing on the field), there is a forest that’s good for shade and then behind the big old school is this place where there is ruins of building perfect for photo shoots yes?

I had two videos to but I need a youtube account and I don’t wanna put it on youtube, sigh.


What next?

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