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Monday, 14 June 2010

eye make-up post  

Hey guys I just wanted to share some pictures of eye make-up I do! When I do my make-up I normally concentrate on the eyes the most and I find it interesting and hope it inspires you.DSCF1252
First of glitter eyeliner/black eyeliner combo. I like this look as there is many different colour glitters you can do and it makes your eye pop! I also used some white eyeliner on the waterline to make my eyes pop I used max factor glide and define eyeliner for the black. This is for a more glam look and would be used for going out for an event!dcf1 white eyeliner in corner with black eyeliner combo old style gyaru I know but I saw Romihi wear it on a recent egg cover. You have to blend it well I find or else it doesn’t look as good.  I use a black shimmer stick to add to the black and add glitter for a smokey look. The white really makes your eyes look fresh and young!
pink/purple combo, this goes great with spring outfits or pink outfits. no eyelashes yet though I’m still trying though. (scan taken from twins blog)
What’s your favourite eye make-up?
(just stating that this post is my opinion and not definite rules I just wanted to say what I like and why)

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