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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

London part 3!!  

So after a night full of sleep (heh yeah right) me and Claire got up and ready to meet with Emmie from Hib at the excel centre. Me and Claire were doing the usual panicking fit before you meet someone in person but when we went up and met her it was all fine!! she looked so pretty in a denim looking playsuit/jumpsuit with a straw hat and a cute cardi. We went on the train to go to oxford street and shop (what better way to spend the day) Emmie was so lovely and kind and it was like we were already friends the second we met! we had a laugh around some shops and then we met up with Kei who looked amazing! and we went into new look where I bought two pair of tights a cute headband and some boots which I will show later. (both tights have already ripped gah!!) London 092Twin in new look!! with these giant shoe chairs!! we ventured of into other shops as well like miss selfridge and topshop which I suggest you should go in and see even if you don’t want to buy anything. After that we went down to an Italian, which was great! 
London 096
Me and Claire had the same pizza we’re so alike in tastes! After that we met up with Caryn Koneko and Dec and there were all so pretty I loved Caryn’s maxi dress and Chanel bag! We then went down to Camden to look for some clothes for there para para vid we didnt find any but we went down to cyberdog and looked at the dancers, which was awesome. It was so hot so we decided to go down to a park where we chatted and they did some para para which they were so good at that. We went over to china town to get some food and do Puri where me and Claire shared some 1 kiwi and quarter of a melon on a plate which they called ‘fruit salad’ for £5 gah!! then there was some drama over prices and money, but after that we went and did puri and they did some a gyaru make over on us which was awesomeLondon 111 Use two with our make-up done I got no close ups damn but claire had some gyaru eyeliner on and I had some eyeliner and eyeshadow with a bit of gold glitter eyeliner on which I loved so much!.

I’ll show the puri on the next post as this is getting too long.


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