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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Hair and twin gyaru  

hey gals! In the last couple of weeks when My twin was dying her hair blonde. I had a go at a gyaru hairstyle very popular with gyaru mag Ageha and followed a tutorial that a blogger did here.

Sakurina in gothic kimono…. (*____________________________*)omg Ageha 2010.02 is a really interesting issue! :DDD

click the pic for where it came from
I had ago at a hair style very similar to the one on the right of the picture.
Anyway onto the results

It got flat by the time I took the first photo but hey practise makes perfect right? So I was talking to my twin about trying to do twin gyaru which where both up for and I tried the hairstyle on her to see if it would look good on her. And this was the outcome:DSCF1583DSCF1584DSCF1606  

I did a French plait or a scalp plait starting for the fake cornrows then twisted the rest and pinned with grips. I flicked some of the strands out at the end to make it look more individual and backcombed and sprayed some of the hair already on the side it was going to be piled onto to make it more thick. I think It’s better then the one I did on myself! Thanks Claire for being my model!!

What next?

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