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Saturday, 5 June 2010

London Part 1  

Hey sorry for not posting for ages. Just finding myself and making sure on what I want to do!

So onto London!! Me and Twinny with mum and dad were driving down to London (thanks dad for driving) and I fell asleep for 4hrs of it woot!! we stopped of for Maccy D’s London 007

Yum! Then the next time I woke up we were in London YAY!! We stayed in NOVOTEL which is extremely near the Excel CentreLondon 010

and this is mine and Claire’s Mega Clean room LOLLondon 017

I’ll leave you at this for now I’m scheduling some,e posts as I have tons of exams coming up.

Currently listening to: Your Love is my drug Ke$ha
dreaming over: Juicy Couture Bags.

What next?

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