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Thursday, 1 July 2010

mega haul  

hey gals I was meant to do this post before but I shopped again and wanted to do it in one post.


I got a tye dye maxi dress tye dye seems to be creeping into gyaru a lot I’ve noticed. I got a clip in fringe to experiment with styles and i got some hair bumpits which I think would help a lot with a hime gyaru hairstyle!


I got a Pauls boutique dress and a straw circle bag there was other colours too of the bag but they sold out. the P boutique dress reminds me of JSG a bit.

Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 1Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 2Make Up Academy Eyeliner Glitter Shade 6

I got these glitter eyeliners from the MUA range where everything is a pound I would recommend these as they have a great applicator and you can get a lot of glitter on at once but the pink barely had any glitter in and was more gel like.Picture0144

I also got some Kanekolan in brown and two packs of auburn. It’s the stuff you make synthetic dreadlocks out off. I’m going to experiment with these and go for a rokku/banba look as the dreadlocks are more natural looking and not crazy colours I thought about hair some dreadlocks in when I try the one sided hair style like sakurina on the rightSakurina in gothic kimono…. (*____________________________*)omg Ageha 2010.02 is a really interesting issue! :DDD

I’ll update with the results if trying that hair style later I think it went alright but you will see later 


What next?

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