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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Carefree Day  

4 march blog copy

Today was a day a needed so much where I could just be calm not have any worries at all. so juxtaposed to my other days. Me and Twinny had a make-up/hair session for 2 hours in the morning (so not intended) then Father-bear said we could go walk the dog on Saltburn beach and have some fish and chips. So we went and walked the dog in the winter sun but it warmed up a bit later or we just got used to the cold. but anyway I wore my extensions so I wanted to show you with them in. I am so happy with my hair extensions I mean they give you a mega boost of confidence and for once it makes me feel a bit pretty and also it lets me live out my grunge/punk/edgy style too as it gives me the chance to use blue hair streaks an other colours too.

so a bit later on in the day my buddy Lewis came and called for us actually just as I finished writing the above paragraph and we walked a mile to Aldi to get me tea I had some mussels in white sauce! It wasn’t a chore really as Lewis is my Brother I never had and we just mess about while walking to Aldi. By this time I was changed into the top I bought today and some blue streak hair extensions and my scarf so I guess this will be my outfit of the day!

DSCF0184 All nice and wrapped up!

sky rider top: new look £10

scarf: internacionle (french word shop) £5

leather jacket: free from Lewis (its so lovely and big)

boyfriend cardi: New Look

jeans: Pratts motorcycle jeans £20 marked down for £100 pounds seriously and there is nothing wrong with them

biker boots: Asda

What next?

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