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Thursday, 11 March 2010

keeping fit  

me and my twin are blessed with height and fast metabolisms, with me being 6ft (what’s weird is I don’t feel that tall I know I have to look down on some of my friends but I never thought I was 6ft until I had an operation and they told me) and the ability to eat takeaways and still not be heavily affected by it. But they doesn’t mean I have a tummy on me (even if I diet it is still there). But me and Twinny also suffer from being unfit walking 2 miles kills us our legs really ache! So we decided we wanted to get fit and not just diet the weight away. Just by chance I bought this Just Dance game as I love DDR but I fail at it so this looked so new to me and perfect.

just dance mini review 4/5: A great selection of songs the perfect party game but also gives you bit of a work out while having fun. you follow the dancer image on the screen like its a mirror to you and hit the moves at the right time to score points.  Me and Claire twin) Love the game as it involves dancing cool songs ( Blondie heart of glass, Cyndi Lauper girls just wanna have fun and Mc Hammer cant touch this) and it has a para para essence to it. I’m no expert on para para but I get the feeling it might have the some same concepts in it.
recommend to : I would recommend this to anyone but more specifically DDR lovers even if they’re not good at it, party game lovers and dance enthusiasts.
What do you do to keep fit?
P.S being tall is a blessing and a curse, you have the fashion advantage of height but restricted clothing choices and shoes choices because clothes aren't long enough and every fashion shoe ahs a heel on it! which I find odd because fashion revolves around tall models?
Edit:: just done a 30 minute work out it was part of a dvd from the ministry of sound exhausted (terrible I know)

What next?

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