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Monday, 8 March 2010

false nails  


I love false nails and nail art. But I love the Japanese 3D nail art. I find false nails finish the look and add that special touch to the whole outfit sealing the deal. The nails set on top cost $29 which is very cheap for the amazing art on the nails! have a whole range of nails such as simple and elegant, 3D hime and dark mystery and a whole range of others!


These are some 3D hime nails. I think there so pretty and you will defiantly will feel like a princess in these perfect for Hime gyaru.


these are  so cute I wanted to show you these as on the top right they have a dangling donut charm on them, I’ve seen many gals with false nails with dangling charms on them.

I’ve wore false nails before but never ones with 3D art on.  People who have wore them say that the charms and gems might fall off and they might not be best to wear while in school or at work but they are durable. I might have a go at some like the first set on the post and might make a spring coloured set. If anyone else has had a go at these or has experience in these do comment about it I’d love to know.

oh and happy international women day!!

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