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Saturday, 20 March 2010

Handmade Tote Bag  

Look I know I had a post before about the look I did today but when looking at the photos I looked really bad. Right now I’m not the best and my life is being turned upside down side to side and all around. so much so I’m being kept of school about this. But nothing is going right for me the person I went to see then went on a holiday so nothing is worked out for me.
On to a brighter issue, I finally plucked up the courage to make a tote bag, but personalised for me!DSCF0524

this is my tote bag inspired by the fifties and the new spring trends which I twisted into this. A long strap on the bag so it rests on my hip quite nicely, deep and wide enough to fit books, small shopping bags and general thing you have in your hand bag. The bag isn't lined as I wanted to grasp an unlined one first. The back is at the level where my lanky arms can delve in for whatever item I wanted quite easily (as I normally have to slip the bag of my shoulders then look in it) but if anyone tries to pickpocket it will look like they going for my bum!! I chose these two fabrics as they stand out next to each other but the black completes the look with the edge and doesn't clash with the red fabric with the black polka-dots. It also shows my personal style which is current fashion trends beaten up and moulded into my style and fits in the 50’s style.

now for the more crafty side
the red polka dot fabric is poly-satin at £2 a meter
the black is poly-cotton at £2 a meter
the fabrics weren’t new bought they were from mine and Claire's stash which were a going to bust. I used the satin to give it a different texture and look to the bag making it more unique. Due to the fabric it is for light weight use but still will carry a needed supplies (school: few books and my soup flask).
To a person of average height it will lay below the hip or mid hip as I’m 6ft tall.
no zips on this bag but a magnetic closure could be used if I learn how to.

question: would you buy this tote bag in this shape and style (not the fabric I know it’s not everyone's taste)?

What next?

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