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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Shopping with Twin.  

So yesterday I went shopping with twinny fun fun I had £50 to spend and I bought 15 things!!

Random camera shizz 036

bow sky Ryder and floral sky Ryder (sp) £3.00 and £2.50 from Primark

I <3 sky Ryders

Random camera shizz 031

rara skirt £7.00 it isn't as see-through as in the photo seriously from Primark

Random camera shizz 038

Lace leggings £5.00 from Primark

Random camera shizz 034

Black linen shorts £3.00 (I live for shorts)

Random camera shizz 032 large floral bag £6.00 (I love it I could fit Sophie in it!! sorry inside joke) from Primark

Random camera shizz 030

“Over knee socks” (lies for me anyway under knee) £1.50 From Primark

Random camera shizz 037

Random camera shizz 040 £3.00 hair braid (finally found a black one) I’m wearing it underneath my fringe because I’m wearing hair extensions.

Random camera shizz 029  Hair dye £5.00 gosh eye pallet £1 (bargain!) gosh lipstick in cute pink £1 ,a miss sporty pink lipstick (I’ve lost it already)

Random camera shizz 033

I couldn’t  get a clear pic but there is the colour

I think I’m nearly ready for spring just need another shopping day and then I’ll be ready. Oh and kudos to the people who find Twin in one of the pics.

What next?

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