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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hey Mum, Look What I Made!!  

Hi guys I made these before the holidays and was to lazy to post about them.


Crayon hearts!! I love then one side is blotchy while the other is more a mixture of the colours. I prefer the blotchy side as you get to see all the colours! My favourite one is this one.


camouflage Heart!! I made these and they are super quick and easy to do! All you do is

- get some wax crayons

-- get a cupcake tin any shape will do

--- Cut the wax crayon (once unwrapped) into smaller parts and fill up the cake/cupcake tin

- put in the oven at 100 C (fan assisted oven) or whatever other setting which is the same to that, E.G.  95 C for a non fan assisted oven.

-- when it has melted completely (2-5 mins, so best to stay and watch it) take it out of the oven and put into a baking tray of cool water, then when it is a bit cooler place in fridge.

--- take out of fridge when completely solid (you will see it cracks from the cake tin to the crayon) turn it upside down and tap the cake tin on a surface and the crayon will fall out.


Hope you liked this post not exactly fashion but still a good gift idea and perfect for friend-shoots 

Peace Love and Energy Drinks!

Monday, 25 January 2010

An Award Already!?  

Thanks you so much Naka for this award!!


Ten things that make me happy

1. My twin Claire

2. rest/sleep

3. Lewis ( A friend who is like a bro bro to me)

4. My awesome friends that I spend lunch with in the maths room.

5. seeing those amazing fashion advertisements and all those pretty models.

6. Having some similarity to those fashion adverts (e.g make is fine or clothing like them)

7. being accepted.

8. getting the best buy ever

9. hair extensions (soon so soon)

10. blogging

thanks for the award part 2 of that haul up soon x

Peace Love and Energy Drinks XxX

Sunday, 24 January 2010

My 2009 Dec 2010 Jan haul pt 1  

Hi guys this is my first post of 2010! sorry for not posting for a long time, I had April sickness in January, which correct me if I’m wrong is where you are half way through the year and you get really down sad gloomy zombie like because you realised you have failed your new years goals and it’s just another bad year. I heard it from an anime. Sounds cute doesn’t it. Anyway onto the pics!


I got it from a giveaway I Lurrrrv it


A skull belt buckle from enter the asylum (they have an online shop) for £8 and it’s really heavy and big too.



MY ED HARDY BELTTT ARGGGH!!!! SO HYPER!! The Love Kills Slowly design!!


Love these punky tights unsure on price


They were gifts so I’m unsure where their from But I'm so in love with them.


Blue Boyfriend cardigan It’s from newlook but It was a gift so I don’t search up the prices.

I’ll do pt.2 later

Peace love and energy drinks XxX