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Saturday, 30 January 2010

Hey Mum, Look What I Made!!  

Hi guys I made these before the holidays and was to lazy to post about them.


Crayon hearts!! I love then one side is blotchy while the other is more a mixture of the colours. I prefer the blotchy side as you get to see all the colours! My favourite one is this one.


camouflage Heart!! I made these and they are super quick and easy to do! All you do is

- get some wax crayons

-- get a cupcake tin any shape will do

--- Cut the wax crayon (once unwrapped) into smaller parts and fill up the cake/cupcake tin

- put in the oven at 100 C (fan assisted oven) or whatever other setting which is the same to that, E.G.  95 C for a non fan assisted oven.

-- when it has melted completely (2-5 mins, so best to stay and watch it) take it out of the oven and put into a baking tray of cool water, then when it is a bit cooler place in fridge.

--- take out of fridge when completely solid (you will see it cracks from the cake tin to the crayon) turn it upside down and tap the cake tin on a surface and the crayon will fall out.


Hope you liked this post not exactly fashion but still a good gift idea and perfect for friend-shoots 

Peace Love and Energy Drinks!

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